Jewish Spiritual Development

We at Beit Shvidler firmly believe that Limudei Kodesh (Jewish studies) is not just a subject or lesson, but rather like the Torah itself, it is a living topic. It is our life style; it is our guidance and role model. Our intent, whilst giving over knowledge and skills of Kodesh, is to simultaneously imbue a deep sense of love, excitement and enthusiasm in all areas and facets of Torah Judaism and to develop a lifelong thirst for Torah and Shmiras Hamitzvos (Observance).

Limudei Kodesh at Beit Shvidler is taught with a multi-faceted approach. There is a strong emphasis on skills, knowledge and understanding, whilst aiming to appeal to all types of learners. This gives a broad and varied range of experiences to teach, enthral and embed the messages conveyed in the Torah.

As part of the awareness that Kodesh is a living topic, our staff understand that, as well as offering instructional teaching, they are in fact role models of what an Eved Hashem (a follower of G-d) looks like, ambassadors of continuous learning as well as striving for self-improvement and Middos Tovos (excellent character traits). The teachers work hard to develop positive relationships with pupils ensuring that the Kodesh experience is enriching and spiritual, which places a strong value relationships and connections.

We endeavour to ensure that every pupil will reach their potential and, to that end, we engage in a variety of teaching methods that reach out to every child. We are cognisant that children learn at their own pace and in their own unique style and aim to provide a range of activities and tools that will engage and excite children in their learning. This is done using a range of tools from Hebrew texts, ICT and real life experiences to bring the messages of Torah, Mitvos and Chesed (Kindness) alive to the children.

The curriculum is undergoing a major overhaul to reflect the school’s desire to grow and follow the latest educational guidance. We are reviewing each subject that is taught and what we want our pupils to come out with in terms of skills, understanding and practical knowledge. This will ensure that there is a consolidation, building on firm foundations and taking their learning to a new level at each stage of their education. The outcome will be a fresh, relevant and exciting curriculum that enthuses and engages the pupils in their learning and personal growth.

Our Kodesh staff blend traditional teaching methods with a range of technology to captivate the children, and maintain their interest. The school continually supports the professional development of staff and is keen to promote teacher training to ensure that all staff are at the cutting edge of educational development and change.

Taking responsibility for society and beyond is a key theme - every half term the school adopts a Tzedokoh (charity) to learn about the charity’s valuable work for the community and raising funds so they can continue to function becomes a whole school endeavour. This reinforces to the children that they too have a role to play and a contribution to make. That the giving of Tzedokoh is core value, encouraging the pupils to be thoughtful and considerate to those around them by giving extra support in the form of time or money.

Beit Shvidler seeks to nurture and encourage a sense of Achdus (unity) with Klal Yisroel (Jewish people) together with love for Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel). This close association with Israel is recognised through special assemblies and events to commemorate Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) and Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day).

Years 5 and 6 commemorate days of national reflection such as Yom HoShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Yom HaZikoron (remembering Jewish soldiers lost in battle) with special Mincha assemblies followed by activities and guest speakers. These assemblies have a reflective and more sombre mood to which the children apply themselves with maturity and give dignity to the day in an appropriate manner.

The informal program also includes activities such as Rosh Chodesh assemblies and activities, visiting local old age homes, model Sedorim, Tu B’Shevat celebrations, Shofar practice, Succah decoration design and Menorah building competitions. We also have Siddur and Chumash celebrations all designed to contribute to the unique Ruach (atmosphere) that permeates the school.