Our Ivrit curriculum is designed with careful regard to progression as the children go through the school. This includes an increase in the amount and complexity of language which children can understand and use. We expect to see an increasing confidence in children’s understanding and use of language. Children have increased speed and fluency of response and we ensure prior vocabulary is re-uses in different contexts and topics.

The Ivrit curriculum focuses on spoken and conversational Ivrit. The Hebrew reading and writing is learnt in Kodesh lessons. Our Ivrit curriculum includes graduated study units dealing with a variety of topics. From Year 3 onwards, we use the Ivrit Beclick scheme of work developed by Matach, The Centre for Educational Technology in Israel. Each class receives one lesson of Ivrit per week. We have introduced formal assessments from Year 3 onwards at the end of each unit so we can more closely monitor Ivrit teaching and learning. For each unit, the children are expected to know basic vocabulary but as their grammar and sentence structure develops in Key Stage 2, they are expected to be able to use their vocabulary in sentences.

Ivrit Year 3

Ivrit Year 4

Ivrit Year 5

Ivrit Year 6