Art & Design


What am I going to learn?
Art is the study of creativity and in our art lessons you will learn how to draw, paint, sculpt and use other forms of art like collage to express your ideas. You will use a wide variety of materials. You will learn about famous artists in a variety of mediums and learn to think and talk about their work.

What knowledge and skills will I learn in Art?
As well as the skills of drawing, painting, sculpting and crafting you will produce your own work, but also record your creative process, developing and evaluating your ideas as you go. You will see how art can be made with a wide variety of materials limited only by your imagination. You will learn about current great artists and artists from the past, and locate their work within the context of their lives and times. We are bombarded with visual images in all areas of our life, and you will learn the important skill of visual literacy – how do artists achieve their effects and how does this make the viewer feel? This will help you analyse images and works of art in general, but also improve and refine your own work. Through the use of your sketchbook you will see how your artistic techniques develop across your entire school career.

What knowledge and skills will art give me when I leave Beit Shvidler?Through the study of Art, Beit Shvidler children will have explored a wide variety of art, craft and design techniques and will have had rich opportunities to develop their skills. You will understand the importance of experimentation and feel confident to take risks and make mistakes, secure in the understanding that when making art, the process is more important than the final product. Beit Shvidler artists will have expressed their individuality through art and know that creativity will look different for each person. You will have experienced the work of individual artists and be able to talk knowledgeably about elements of their style and technique. You will value the creativity of others in all its diverse forms, and see how it contributes to the world around us. Through reflecting on your own work and the work of others, listening to feedback but also retaining your own creative integrity, as a Beit Shvidler artist you will develop communication skills that will support you in every area of your life going forward.

Art progression map
Art Learning Journey