Yomim Tovim

We aim to give the children the most wonderful, vibrant, informative and eclectic Yom Tov (festival) experience. The lessons are as joyous, interactive and engaging as possible, all whilst instilling a love for the Yom Tov with an excitement, a deep understanding of the origins, Halochos (laws) and Minhogim (customs).

The children are taught at their level of the understanding of the story line and its origins, whether it be Min Hatorah (from the Torah) or Derabonon (Rabbinical ordained). The children, as they gain maturity, are taught the Halochos on a deeper level and with each Yom Tov, according to time dependant constraints, the source of each Halocho. As we have a wide variety of family backgrounds, it is always a source of pride and fascination for the children describe their personal Minhogim with their peers.

Music and crafts play a big part in any Yom Tov using the opportunity to spread the joy of Yom Tov and the understanding of Hiddur Mitzva (beautifying a Mitzva).

Many Yomim Tovim have their own special assembly and celebration, which brings the school together to celebrate and consolidate the learning. On Tu Bishvat (birthday of trees) we have a school fruit party, Pesach the EYFS and KS1 partake in model Sedorim. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) has a more serious atmosphere, with Tefillos, Tzedokoh and Selichos being said together. Chanukah is enjoyed with lively whole school assemblies and

Purim has its own unique favour with dressing up and giving of Mishloach Monos (gifts of food). Shavous is marked with an enthusiastically attended family learning programme held in the school hall.

Each Yom tov has its own distinct flavour, atmosphere and unique way of celebration. The children gain an enormous sense of connection, identity and pride.