What am I going to learn?
In History we study the past, because it is interesting in its own right, and because through studying the past, we come to understand the present. We can use what we learn in History to make the future better for everyone. We are going to learn about the history of the United Kingdom from the Stone Age, right the way through to some key events of the twentieth century. We will also learn about other significant civilizations from around the world.

What knowledge and skills will I develop and learn when I study History?
Through the study of History, we will learn about different time periods and how to locate and date events across the larger and smaller time scales. We will learn about key events, significant people and ideas from the past, and we will also look at how things changed, and how they remained the same across different time periods and within different time periods. We will try to work out why things happened, and what the impact was of key historical events and ideas. We will see how people in the past experienced events in very different ways.

In History you will learn how we find out about the past, and whether the sources of evidence we have are reliable or not. You will compare evidence, and also look at different interpretations of the past and why these interpretations differ. You will be encouraged to ask good questions, and then decide where to find the evidence and information to answer those questions. Finally, you will learn how to organize your information, and select the best way to present and communicate what you have found out.

What knowledge and skills will history give me when I leave Beit Shvidler?
Historians leaving us will have a strong sense that we cannot understand our present and future without an understanding of the past. At the end of your history journey at Beit Shvidler you will be able to explain and demonstrate the key historical concepts of chronology, change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference and significance. You will leave us with an understanding that these are nuanced and complex subjects. You will be able to talk knowledgably about early British history and about key civilisations from around the world and their impact on the way we live today. You will understand through our history lessons that evidence is multi-layered, and that its reliability is not always guaranteed or easy to ascertain. You will know that the same event looks different for different people. In a world where information is easy to access, Beit Shvidler historians will have started on the journey to questioning the information they receive and building a case for its value or otherwise. Through the study of history, you will be able to present your ideas clearly and logically, using the evidence you have accumulated to make a strong case.



History progression map
Key concepts and skills in history
History Learning Journey