What am I going to learn?
In Geography we learn about the world and understand our place within it. We study people, places and the natural and human environments. We learn how to gather and use data, and how to use all kinds of maps, plan journeys, and describe where we are in the world – in its widest sense. Through the study of Geography, you will develop a positive commitment to the environment and the future of the planet.

What knowledge and skills will I learn when I study Geography?
Through the study of Geography, you will develop your knowledge of locations, places, human and physical features of environments, and geographical skills such as using all kinds of maps for a variety of purposes. You will investigate a wide variety of world locations in detail and you will learn how to compare them, and develop an in-depth knowledge of their features and context. You will develop your skills in collecting, analysing and communicating data. You will interpret a range of sources of geographical information and will communicate this information in a variety of ways.

What knowledge and skills will geography give me when I leave Beit Shvidler?You will leave us inspired by our diverse and amazing world and its people. You will have knowledge of the earth’s environments and resources along with an understanding of our world’s key human and physical processes, features and their impact. You will be able to use geographical vocabulary to explain how the Earth’s features are shaped, interconnected and change over time. Closer to home, you will have be able to describe the countries, features and characteristics of the UK and compare key areas with others, reaching balanced and well reasoned judgements where necessary. Beit Shvidler geographers will be able to interpret maps with confidence, and their fieldwork will have taught them to encounter different environments using precise observational and analytical skills. You will be well informed on environmental issues and understand that people can both improve and damage their environment. Our geographers will be well equipped to make a positive change on the environment of their adult years.


Geography progression map
Geography Learning Journey