In order to promote enquiry and investigation further, we have implemented Switched on Science – a curriculum that combines hands on science and practical knowledge, ensuring our children leave primary school equipped with core scientific facts, methods and skills alongside an excitement and curiosity for the subject. Developing children’s enthusiasm for science is imperative to us, and thus we encourage our children to observe the natural and man-made world around them, forming questions and generating discussion. Our annual science week generates further enthusiasm as children conduct a variety of more thrilling experiments and participate in externally-led workshops.

Each year group are exposed to six half-termly topics, with the aim being for children to develop a secure understanding of each block of knowledge and concepts before progressing to the next stage. Through practical experimentation, our children are given the opportunity to explore and investigate, considering how to apply their results to everyday life. As with all areas of our curriculum, we endeavour for science to be all-encompassing, encouraging our children to make links and form conclusions about the wider world.

Science curriculum