What am I going to learn?
In Science lessons you will learn about many aspects of the natural world, our bodies, animals, weather, plants, forces, materials and space. Science is the study of how things work, how they develop and grow, and how they are interconnected.

What knowledge and skills will I develop and learn when I study Science?
Working scientifically is a key part of the Science curriculum, and you will learn many skills that will help not just in Science, but in many other subjects. You will learn to think like a scientist. You will develop skills such as developing and asking questions, and setting up studies to try to find answers. To complete experiments, you will predict the results you expect, and also find appropriate ways to record what you find out. You will draw conclusions from the evidence that you find. You will observe and measure, enquire and test. You will learn to gather and classify information, identify and compare. Communication through speaking, listening and writing is vital to the study of Science. Through reporting and presenting your findings, you will evaluate evidence and learn to make a real contribution to the world of Science.

What knowledge and skills will science give me when I leave Beit Shvidler?
Our scientists will leave Beit Shvidler with an understanding of how the world works through the lens of Science. You will have an appreciation, respect and awe for the natural world which will enable you to become a responsible and active citizen. Through the approach of working scientifically, you will be confident to hypothesise, test and evaluate your predictions. You will start to examine how information is constructed and how testing can be fair. Through science, Beit Shvidler children will also develop the skills of observation that will allow them to ask questions, think deeply and understand how building a basis of scientific evidence will help them to reach rational conclusions.



Science progression map
Science Learning Journey