Design and Technology

What will I learn in Design and Technology?
In Design and Technology you will learn to design and make products and solve real and relevant problems in a lot of different situations. You will need to think about the needs of others and design solutions that fit the needs of others in a range of contexts. You will learn how to use a range of different technologies and you will find out how to design and make high quality prototypes and products for different users. You will test your ideas and evaluate your ideas and those of others. You will also learn about nutrition and how to cook.

What knowledge and skills will I learn when I study Design and Technology?
In Design and Technology you will draw on a wide range of skills from subjects like Maths, Art, ICT and Science. You will learn to take risks, and become resourceful, innovate, capable and enterprising. You will develop creative, practical and technical expertise to perform everyday tasks and you will use these skills to participate in a design process that takes you from research, generating ideas, designing products, testing prototypes, making products, trialling them and evaluating them. You will have the technical knowledge to build structures and improve their design. You will also start to learn how to cook and how to apply the principles of nutrition to recipes you design and make.
Our Design and Technology curriculum covers six strands: Cooking and Nutrition, Stable Structures, Programming and Electrical Systems and Mechanical Systems, Textiles, Inventions and Achievements. All of these areas link to our work in Art, Science, History and Geography.

DT progression map
DT Learning journey