Welcome from the Principal




Through the dreams and aspirations of a group of extraordinary parents from the Edgware Adath Yisroel Congregation and the exceptional commitment and support of the trustees of the Jewish Secondary Schools Movement, Beit Shvidler Primary School is an outstanding success and the standard against which other schools are measured.

In 1933, Rabbi Dr S Schonfeld, founder of the Jewish Secondary Schools Movement, wrote:

"A Jew must want to be a Jew, acknowledging and adhering to his Jewishness, not because others wish him to keep to the faith or because it is a convention, but because he really desires to be a Jew. This desire can only be supplied by appreciation of the inner beauty of Judaism, the substance of which must be learnt and studied. The only answer is more intensity in Jewish understanding and practice."

In 1933 these words and thoughts were revolutionary. Today they are self evident. Our school, a project of the JSSM together with the Edgware Adath Yisroel Congregation, reflects these values in our goals as a community and in our daily practice. We seek to inspire our children to really love our Torah and mitzvos. We give them an uplifting experience of Jewish learning and practice. Most of all we do it with a sense of joy and wonder. B'ezras Hashem we will go m'chayil el choyil, raising and teaching children dedicated to His service.

Rabbi Z. H. Lieberman